CAD - Computed Aided Design

FM Solutions quickly draws your plans

FM Solutions quickly draws your plans and implements a design structure to optimize your performance in the CAD production.

Delegation of designers: one or more of our designers can assist you for a specified period.

Update of the plans: facilities are rarely static in thebusinesses, our team will take care of the update of your plans.

Digitalization of plans: We digitize your old paper plans so that you can work on them in your favorite software.

Site surveys: on-the-spot measurement of your walls and contents with disto laser.

Implementation of structures: graphics standards to guarantee a uniformity of your plans. Creation of libraries of symbols and standardized layout.

Plan recovery: importing plans provided by an external company can often be tedious. The transfer from a software to another one, imply to reorganize the scales, the fonts, wrong quotations, units conversion...

Automation development: the creation of plans involves repetitive tasks. We can develop toolbars that are adapted to your needs that will result in a considerable saving of time.

Evacuation plans: in association with your security team, we can draw up the health and safety plans. We can also deal with the making of plans for the SIS.

Some of our customers ...

  • EFG Bank
  • Banque Pictet & Cie
  • Comité International Olympique
  • Hospice général
  • Thomson Reuters SA
  • Tech Support
  • Ville de Genève